Kimberly Tapia envisioned a family of businesses built on an inclusive culture that embodies compassion, empathy, and strength. With the goal of creating a company that honors its people and customers, in 2004, Kim went on to start what is now known as Polanko Group, LLC.

Kimberly combines her background in the United States Military and the private business sector to provide professional leadership for the Polanko Group, LLC and its subsidiaries. Through her extensive experience and training, Kim encourages us all to strive for excellence.

Polanko Group, LLC upholds our founder's dedication and values in every single partnership we forge. We serve our partnered businesses in a manner that creates absolute value and growth through every level of the organization, culminating into success.

Kim’s dedication, creativity, and passion are a major part of our company’s foundation, and directly correlates with our continued success.


The Polanko Group was started with the goal of creating a family of businesses driven by vision, people, community, and innovation around the globe. When you partner with us, you obtain an ally that truly cares about your success.

We work closely with each of our partners & brands to achieve a positive financial status and a clear pathway to success. Our group works with and operates businesses in a myriad of industries. Establishing clear goals is just one step in creating a healthy foundation for a business to grow and strengthen its brand, integral to a salient and desired outcome.

Polanko Group is considered the parent of a family of companies, as so, we’re unified in the belief that working together enriches the businesses we operate. Every victory benefits the whole, so you have the ability to be part of a successful and respected group.

We believe success is about realizing your goals and acting on them today. Ideas are meant to flourish, not decay in dead soil while your business stagnates. We use a systematic approach that combines the best in scientific method and business theory to create a highly-refined plan of action that simplifies your business practices from the ground up.We are here to help ourpartnersmake the right business decisions that will result in long-term success and improved profitability.

We have a proven track record of building profitable companies of all sizes. Polanko Group’s strong drive for success allows us to shape incredibly lucrative and effective businesses in a variety of industries.

Since our inception, we have created a legacy of companies built to improve the lives of employees, consumers, and communities across the world. We consider ourselves to be leaders in brand innovation, and we’re proud to say that our hard work has sparked material change in the companies with which we collaborate.

When all levels of your business operate in perfect harmony, productivity increases and profits soar. Achieving this is our personal philosophy, and we apply it to our brand workings every day.


Businesses are significant. It takes hard work and dedication to build one from the ground up. We work with our partners developing solutions that are singular to their company and customers. While we have successful methods, we realize that your business is unique, and you will be given the treatment necessary to achieve your goals, whether through tried-and-true or innovative methods. Whatever is necessary to have an exemplary business, we are prepared to and will do.

We understand that creating a successful business plan at the cost of sustainability is not a viable option. Polanko Group works closely with our brands to develop solutions that are sustainable under a long-term model. We pay close attention to every level of our organization so that excess waste is eliminated, and our employees and communities are only impacted in positive ways.

Our team helps spark change and innovation through strategic planning. Although our operations are unified, we know that no two businesses are alike. Whether we’re developing a small start-up or a mid-level corporation, we tailor specialized plans based on the individual company.